Gab • Ortona
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Virginia Beach, VA
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amy • Boise, ID
•••my fingers are cold in the frosty weather. my days are like an evening shadow. staring wide in the face of pain. trying to breathe. trying to stay alive.
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Matthew J Davis • San Diego, CA
If you enjoy my photos, please "like" my photography page at Thank you!!
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Allison Paige
October seventh my friend Jen & I set off on a road trip around the states via VW Bus! Many pictures to come..
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BLRapp • West Palm Beach
Loving Life!!!
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Brad Gravely • Newark, Ohio
Work at State Farm Ins, loves to dance, chillin', playing basketball, hanging out, go out to eat, etc.
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Javier Mannuzza • Venezuela
Graphic Designer by passion and Gamer by obsession. Join my trip from Latin America, Europe and China! • • • Currently: China. Next: Latin America
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Mike Davis • Loveland, CO
Aspiring artist/genius. From Milwaukee WI, living in northern Colorado currently.
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You should never listen to the malicious comments of those friends who, never taking any risks themselves can only see other people's failures.
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Crystal • Milledgeville, GA
I love to be creative and different
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Laura Nicole Tarbay • Elk Grove
Laura Nicole.(: elk grove, CALI<3 Toby Johnson 8th(: addicted to tumblr and Facebook and texting!!! BAHAHAHA hmu niggahs
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I'm a eighteen year old walking contradiction.
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Fernanda Yumi • Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Hey friends please follow me!❤
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