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Paris, France

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Taken on September 15th, 2011 using the Apple iPod Touch

My last day in France gave me just another reason to forever love Paris



rcoleman Sep 17th, 2011

I dig it like ice cream.

gerickr Oct 14th, 2011

Beautiful, you wouldn't happen to be in streamzoo.... Cause some chick just posted this pic, claiming original. A few of us were skeptical, and one was very through in their search of authenticity.

victorwol Oct 15th, 2011

I found more pictures of this woman stolen from more users from here, so I'm pretty much sure she is a fake, mostly because the low resolution of the picture uploaded over there.

bykms Nov 5th, 2011

U miss the champs eliseé

oce Mar 23rd, 2012

wow this is cool!

gonenc97 Feb 6th, 2013

Nice vision:)))

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