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Paris, France

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Taken on September 10th, 2011 using the Apple iPod Touch

Part 4/4 • • • She let me play, pretending to be Galileo near a GREAT new discovery... that discovery, at the end was "Juste moi"



ladawna Sep 10th, 2011

Stunning shot!

000 Sep 10th, 2011

Que miedo la altura  pero nice shot! 

haweier Sep 10th, 2011

@pixl3 si supieras que este es solo el primer nivel de observatorio, hay otro a unos 3-4 pisos mas arriba. Quizás no taaaan alto en diferencia pero hey la vista es mucho mas silenciosa

keriggan20 Sep 13th, 2011

U have good angles

bykms Nov 5th, 2011

You take in professional cameras?! I hope so!! I just have my ipod4 and this app!! Very good

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